Our Approach to Bodywork

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As  body-workers, we approach each client from both a broad and focused perspective, treating at least the symptomatic area and directly related muscle groups.  Given enough time, we also address as much of the whole body as possible.  The soft tissue system is extensive and often what is felt by the person as an ache or pain is only one manifestation of a network pattern. We believe it is important to acknowledge that a person is more than tissue, but also has a mind and an essence that influence their physical properties.  This is why we pay attention to the expression of each individual, noticing and working with things like breath, and emotion when relevant.  Our goal is to help relieve and relax each client according to their needs and hopefully bring awareness to the root of any issues. If pertinent,  we offer self care practices one may take home to help manage pain, deconstruct negative patterns, and bring balance.  We encourage everyone to be active in his or her own life finding ways to be healthy and happy.  It brings us much pleasure to be a part of peoples' paths of healing and self-discovery!